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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips 2

What you shouldn't do in SEO

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(by Maggie LLI)


While there are many ways that you can SEO your site, you can also be trapped into doing things the wrong way. Some of the mistakes can get you delisted from the search engines. Letís take a look at some of them.

Duplicate Content

Try to write your own original articles instead of just copying them from somewhere or get them from e-zine sites. Duplicate content donít rank well with the search engines.

Meta Tags

In the ever changing internet world, what worked before might not work today or less relevant. Take the case of the meta tags which once did wonders with the search engines. Now, many search engines donít really take that into account because in the past, many meta tags were deceiving. Owners put in as many keywords as possible into the tags even though they are irrelevant to the website to deceive the search engines. So, the Search Engines got smarter and ignore them. However, do not rule them out totally as a few search engines still use them.

Doorway Page

A doorway page is a page that is created solely for the purpose of having keywords in it. The search engines know about this and will penalize you.

Link Exchange

Exchanging links is only useful when the links are relevant the topic on your website or offers value to your website visitors. Do no participate in link farms whose sole purpose is to provide links. Some of these sites may have been blacklisted and if you are listed there, youíll go down faster than you can imagine. One way to find out whether a site is blacklisted is to go to Google and type in the address bar site: If nothing comes up, it means that site is blacklisted.


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